Retailers: Innovate or Die, Says Asda Chief Executive

Retailers must innovate or they will die, according to Asda’s Chief Executive Andy Clarke, who was speaking at a recent conference in Yorkshire.

Mr.Clarke told the audience at the summit based in Leeds that innovation within online retailing is being led by the UK at a time when many customers are getting by on a shoestring budgetAsda contact number and using smartphone devices to place their online orders.

Clarke was one of the keynote speakers at the Leeds City Region Retail Innovation Summit which was held at the Asda MCE Centre in Leeds. The conference was supported by Leeds and Partners and UKTI and aimed to showcase the region’s rich retail talent whilst acting as a platform f0r the debate surrounding sustainability and investment.

The event provided Asda with the opportunity to highlight its innovation strategy by showcasing its latest developments- a 3D scanning device which can make┬áminiscule models of shoppers. Mr. Clarke asked the audience ‘What’s the importance of having a mini model of yourself?’ He went on to say that the company has been pleasantly surprised at the popularity of the device which is based at Trafford Park. The 3D scanning booth has a queue every day. Mr. Clarke laughed as he described the main customer of the booth- grandmothers who want a model of their grandchild, so that they can watch them grow.

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