ASDA Store In Straiton Gets Looted By A Polish Mob

beerwineaisleFollowing a Champions League football game, a gang of Polish football fans went on a rampage at the 24 hour ASDA in Straiton. The gang was reported to have looted crates of alcohol that came up to a total of more than £1,000 after being told that it was too late to be served alcoholic drinks

Around 50 supporters of Legia Warsaw launched the attack on the 24 hour store just hours after their side beat Celtic 6-1 on aggregates in the Champions League match. There is reason to believe that the football fans were making their way to an English port to get a ferry home after the match when they started the late night raid.

The witnesses to the scene reported seeing mobs leaving the shop with armfuls of beer, spirits, bread and multi packs of crisps before their bus took off. The ASDA staff has warned the fans that it was illegal for them to sell alcohol after 10pm, which sparked the start of the mass shoplifting. The staff have been reported as trying to stop the men, but after being threatened by them, they were forced to contact the police.

A resident who lives across from the ASDA was a witness to the incident. He said that

I heard noise outside and went out. There was a group of men walking towards the store. There must have been 50 at least. A few minutes later I saw them coming back out. They were carrying lots of crates of beer and bottles of spirits. The bus just sat there while people kept coming out with more alcohol. It took 15 minutes for them all to come out and then the bus drove off.

A nearby local businessman, Mr Brown, who runs his own accommodation service, visited the store the following morning to speak to the staff. He said he was told

One guy said around £1000 of stuff had been stolen, while another said it was worth a few thousand. One staff member had challenged them but got threatened. It’s difficult to do anything when you’ve got a mob of 50-odd people on the rampage.

A spokesman for the police said “Police Scotland can confirm that officers in Midlothian attended the Asda store on Pentland Road, Loanhead, following an alleged theft. Anyone with any information should contact Police Scotland on 101.”

An Asda spokesman confirmed that they are helping the police with their investigations.

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